1.- ¿Loose insects in eggplant?

It is advisable to loose in Eggplant.
Dear reader, is completely loose perform auxiliary advisable in this crop, although the trend is not to perform these actions. Read more.


2.- What is the hottest pepper in the world?.

Chile, Habanero Pepper, Scorpion, Y…..
Itching of the peppers is measured by the Scoville scale. These have a chemical substance called Capsaicin, which is what causes the body strong burning sensation. Read more

costar syngenta

New Promotion!

Hortalan brings you a new promotion house Syngenta, to promote one of its flagship products: Cost.

Costar is a natural insecticide from a specially selected strain is very effective in the control of Heliothis, Tuta and other lepidopteran larvae. No impact on secondary fauna, and does not require safety period between application and harvest, so it is a very valuable tool for gardeners with integrated production and seeking minimization of waste at harvest.

It is a biological insecticide, particularly suitable for use in integrated biological control programs, consisting of spores and protein crystals of Bacillus thuringiensis BERLINER, was. Kurs Taki, containing active toxins on numerous pests. Is selective and acts by ingestion, on larvae of the early stages of development.

Purchasing 1 Costar box, enters the draw * 1 IPAD MINI.

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PepinoIn the roots of cucumber is occurs with some frequency, both soil and substrate, the causes of this phenomenon. Root factors regression influencing variables can be more or less, in its manifestation, the following situations:


Cucumber plants have numerous fruits, and have grown very fast, vegetative form a larger mass and little root system. Therefore, demonstrate more sensitivity, since there is a competition between the solute required for the fruits and roots, having a predilection for the migration of substances into fruiting. Following, plants limit the formation of hair roots. Continue reading

innovación Syngenta

Hortalan will be in Madrid, in the day: “Feeding Europe Innovation”, organized Syngenta. This conference will be attended by Carlos Cabanas, Secretary General of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and Sergio Dedominici, CEO of Syngenta in Spain and Portugal.

In these days the challenges that the sector faces and will debate will address solutions to feed, sustainably, a population growing. Also, Syngenta will present the latest in innovation that are enabling Spain to be the first world power in crops.

There will also be a discussion under the motto: Do ​​we trust in technological innovation to feed Europe '?, in which they participate Clara Aguilera, vice president of the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament, Begoña Nieto, Director of Rural Development and Forestry Policy Magrama, and Eduardo Baamonde, Director General of Agrifood Cooperatives, and Manuel Lainez, Director General, National Institute of Agricultural Research and Technology and Food. Continue reading

Switch syngenta

New Promotion!

Hortalan prepares for the great promotion of one of the products of the house Syngenta, Switch. Do not stay out of the challenge of the fungicide of the year. The hostesses will be waiting for you to throw roulette and win dozens of gifts.

Participate in the “Fungicide challenge works”

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